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Why your one form of exercise a day is so important

Updated: May 19, 2020

Arabella Heap is a level 3 qualified personal trainer who is going to give you some advice on how to stay fit during the lockdown period.

All text and images by Arabella Heap.

Qualified Personal Trainer
Arabella Heap

A bit about Arabella:

On returning from my travels around the world, post school, I set my mind to becoming a Personal Trainer as a way of earning some extra money before University and as a qualification to have and use whenever and wherever I ended up.

I completed my Level 2 Gym Instructor course like a breeze and took to achieving my Level 3 Personal Trainer qualification. This was not quite so breezy but took me around 3 months to eventually complete. I was offered a job at FITISM as soon as I qualified, and my PT career has rocketed ever since. Being a student at one of the most prestigious sporting Universities in the world, Loughborough, I am able to apply my PT knowledge and enhance day by day due to my hands-on course and athletic commitments.

Playing hockey at Loughborough University.
Arabella Heap

Personally, I have always done more than one form of exercise per day, just because I love how it makes me feel and I get tremendously bored otherwise! After a week of high intensity training, I love the way I look (although body image is another obstacle all-together) and it really helps me work harder, concentrate for longer and sleep better. It is these mental benefits that mean the one form of exercise a day you do, however long or intense, can make all the difference to your wellbeing, both mentally and physically.

"I have seen and experienced first-hand how your mood can be knocked by a lack of exercise and massively lifted by just fresh air."

Arabella's top tips on staying fit during this time:

"Simply GET OUTSIDE! Smell the open air and get your body moving! The best thing about FITISM is that anyone can do it with company or without."

  1. DON’T SNACK. Eat 3 big, healthy and colourful plates of food everyday to ensure you are full and getting all nutrients you need. Drinking lots of water and tea also helps to maintain that ‘full’ feeling.

  2. DON’T PUNISH YOURSELF. If you have a ‘bad’ day eating-wise, don’t punish yourself by eating less or not eating at all, just try to get back on track the next day.

  3. SMILE. It has be scientifically proven that just by smiling, with or without a trigger can enhance your mood and give you an uplifting feeling. Try it.

  4. The FITISM Hub! If The Fitism Hub sounds like something you may want to try out, then look it up on Facebook and you can have access to all the sessions, HIIT, Spin and Yoga for just £1 for a two week trial. You’ll become part of an ever-growing community, and you never know, you might just love it..

During this time in quarantine we have initiated The FITISM Hub, an online portal currently located on Facebook where all community members interact with each other by following LIVE HIIT classes taken by myself and 2 other trainers, and complete challenges set each week for prizes at the end of each month. This page is the most amazing way to stay fit or even get fit during this time and is accessible for ALL standards, which is rare.

"It is through The FITISM Hub that I am maintaining my own physical health during lockdown, alongside walking for at least an hour everyday. A nutritious diet will make or break people during quarantine."

Follow Arabella's fitness journey on Instagram: @arabellaheap or @FitismUK & Facebook: FITISM Hub.

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