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The quick and quality guide to taking care of your mind, body and soul

Updated: May 19, 2020

Nadia Matthews, English teacher and writer shares her quick and quality guide that we all need in order to take care of our mind, body and soul - not just during a pandemic!

All copy and images by Nadia Matthews (instagram - @nadiamatthewsxx)

English teacher & writer.
Nadia Matthews

The reality of a contemporary society involves caring more about what others think of us, rather than what we think of ourselves. This advice is coming from someone who has spent the last six months enjoying life to its fullest through finding joy within the little things and opting to build a sustainable lifestyle based solely upon me, myself, and I. Be warned, nobody said self-care, gratitude and connection is “insta-worthy”. In fact, it can get ugly and you must review yourself in terms of the yin and yang.

"You must accept the good with the bad by attempting to heal your soul and nurture others along the way."

The first step in making a positive change starts by the first small actions of the day. For example, opening your window, letting the fresh spring air flow in as you acknowledge the weather conditions and watch the dog walkers pass by. Rather than picking up that phone and scrolling social media. Just try it and see the difference it makes to your mindset for the day ahead. It has also been proven how obtaining a journal by your bedside is useful in jotting all positive and negative thoughts down.

"Our brains are our most powerful tool within our body and if we can physically abolish those worries on a piece of paper, we can then visualise our positive mantras for the day."

If a pandemic isn’t the time to test your mental capacity I do not know when is?! Particularly if you are a social butterfly and thrive off friends and their captivating energy, then maybe send that text after you have acknowledged something you are grateful for today.

Be gentle with yourself.

Once feeling satisfied following my first colourful meal of the day, I aim to squeeze in some physical exercise. During this lockdown I have become an advocate of yoga. The benefits are unbelievable. I cannot recommend buying a mat and practising some stretches every morning. In addition to this, with social conformities adopting the NHS 5K, I have become a lover of running. The regular release of endorphins and increase of dopamine levels has improved my mental well-being significantly. So just know that whatever form of physical exercise you are conducting, your mind, body and soul is thriving in all its glory. So, what are you waiting for?!

Despite our work-life being put on pause like a Netflix series, I still find myself dipping in and out of browsing the web. However, the positive change I made was to stop revisiting that billionaire unethical fashion haul and actually use this time wisely to enhance my knowledge in other areas. Connecting with my soul came from just one search from finding my spiritual awakening. Through communication I met so many others who share their mediation programmes which inevitably stimulates the passion to explore the mind and soul in further depth. Alongside this becoming an advanced speaker of Spanish is another goal of mine. Have you ever learnt the basics of another language? It is mentally empowering. Learning a language that we adore also keeps our travelling plans in sight because we know when normality is restored, we can put our brain exercise into physical practice.

Furthermore, to enhance our lifestyle changes, the trick is to create that playlist which speaks to your soul. Find the lyrics and rhythms which connect with your body and make you feel as light as an angel. Investing your energy into gratification as such burns all those bugs, worries and strains away just for a wee moment. Then for a second you can close your eyes and imagine yourself in that dreamy location. Ask yourself, where would you rather be right now? Oh and also pick up that book you’ve been telling yourself you’ll read for the last few months. Investing your mind into a different world for a few minutes will improve your appreciation of your surroundings. Find yourself a quiet spot, with a warm vanilla candle and take your brain to another universe. Before you finish that chapter and take a sip of that hot English breakfast tea, question when was the last time you baked for yourself or someone else? Whether it be a basic Victoria sponge or a delicious lemon drizzle feast, promote your soul’s colour into the food you eat. Thank me later.

Remember I said discovering your inner soul was never going to be pretty? Ok, here goes. Along the way of discovering your spiritual awakening you are going to face obstacles. The key to overcoming these major or minor obstacles is too know that YOU have the power. YOU have the control. YOU have the mindset and the strength to get through what life throws at you. If there is a time you ever question it, grab that journal or actually pick up that phone and call that soul mate who is fulfilled with the wisdom you need to hear. During the discovery of your inner soul you will become aware of traits you do not like in yourself or others around you. But YOU MUST REMEMBER you cannot control anyone but yourself. Use YOUR control to invest positivity in every aspect of your life. The glow-up will soon follow, just trust the process.

"Lastly, know that the feeling of being alone physically or mentally is understandable, especially during a pandemic situation. The reality is you are never alone. Your soul is always there right inside of you guiding you along the way. You are in safe hands. You have the strength to deal with any challenges that are thrown your way. You must go through the experiences to appreciate the positive opportunities which surround us everyday such as, shelter, food, water, love, warmth and humanity. If you can do one thing following this article, trial it, test it or share it with a friend because these life hacks are essential in supporting your mind, body and soul."

Remember, not everyday is a good day, but a strong soul finds something good in everyday.

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