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The life of a final year student

Updated: May 19, 2020

Finishing a degree is difficult at the best of times, let alone during a global pandemic. I am sure all students can agree with me, as well as the rest of the population, that 2020 has thrown us a challenge that we were never expecting.

Class of 2020

Up until this time I never realised how much I relied on and appreciated those small conversations with your tutor in the corridor or asking your mates in a lecture what we have to do for our next assignment.

They say that term three of final year is the hardest, the most challenging, the end is in sight but still so far to go… and they are correct!

As I was finishing my dissertation sitting at my dining room table, I forgot how many times a day the dogs bark or how often Mum loads the dishwasher. Rewiring my mind to motivate myself to do University work, finish my degree and apply for jobs has been difficult… and that is an understatement. My mind naturally procrastinated in whatever way I could and it is a real mental test to stop yourself from doing so and remembering that you have to write another 1,000 words today or you won’t hit your target.

Going home is usually a sign that I am on holiday or I am coming home for a break from work, my brain is wired to see home as an environment for relaxing and doing pretty much nothing!

However, as hard as the transition has been to work from home for everyone, I can safely say that my tutors at Nottingham Trent University have been extremely supportive, and we have all done it together. Whether you are at school or at University you are all nearly there! We have finished our dissertations, essays, projects etc. and we should all be proud of ourselves.

On the bright side, this time has given me a chance to reflect. Not only to reflect on my University life but on my time in education. School and University have given me some of the best life lessons, friends, and memories that I could not have experienced anywhere else.

"Everything in your life up until now has made you the person you have and will become, and you should be thankful for those things."

A huge part of my life has been school and University and they are both over. In the blink of an eye my degree is complete, and it is time to step out and decide who and what I want to be. It can be daunting but take this time to really think it through, think about where you want to be next year, what you want to have achieved etc.

Remember this pandemic is not going to last forever, and after all this the world is your oyster!

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