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The Delicious Nutritionist shares her top tips on how to stay healthy in lockdown

Updated: May 19, 2020

Melissa is a Registered Associate Nutritionist who is here to tell you why it is so important to stay mindful of your health during the lockdown period.

All text and images by Melissa - follow her @thedeliciousnutritionist.

A bit about Melissa @thedeliciousnutritionist

Melissa decided to train as a Registered Associate Nutritionist, Coach and NLP Practitioner due to her love of food and people. She is the founder of The Delicious Nutritionist and regularly speaks on BBC radio and writes articles for magazines. Melissa believes we should all know the secrets to achieving optimal well-being. She guides busy people to a healthier life in 12 weeks by leading with empowerment, goal setting and bespoke meal plans. She also enjoys delivering corporate talks to boost employee wellness, her most recent one being at the BBC. Being a food blogger in her own time she is always on the lookout for up and coming foods and frequently shares recipes, hints and tips with her followers. Get your free isolation meal plan by going to www.thedeliciousnutritionist.com.

How is Melissa staying nutritious?

Following my own meal plan so I am getting all my nutrients!

Making sure to have oily fish once a week, and lots of fruit and vegetables. I am making lots of vegetable curries and soups as a great way to include vegetables. I am starting my day with a green juice or fruit and yoghurt with granola to get my fruit in. If you would like your own bespoke meal plan with shopping list email me at info@thedeliciousnutritionist.com

A yummy dish from one of Melissa's amazing meal plans!
The Delicious Nutritionist

Melissa's top tips:

  1. · I am making myself feel good by doing my hair, putting light makeup and wearing clothes that make me feel good.

  2. · In the evening, I like lighting candles and just being and reflecting on the day.

  3. · Running a bath with essential oils is always a treat to help me into a deep sleep.

  4. · I have also added a new ritual which is to reach out to 2 new people a day which could be a 5-minute conversation.

  5. · I have also done movie nights with my friend where we watch the same movie at the same time as it is nice just to have company.

  6. · Seeing the good news and people’s kindness, watching spring develop as it is a new sign of hope.

  7. · I am reading The Monks Guide to Happiness and doing different meditations. My favourite is the sky meditation where you look into the sky and observe the clouds like thoughts floating by in your mind.

  8. · I have also scheduled in different exercises at home from yoga to boxing which gives me different energies to start my day and gets my mind and body in a good place.

  9. · I have plugged in daily routines like check points. Check points include having breakfast at 9am and a run at 3pm as examples.

Why is it so important to stay nourished during this time?

“Because if we are healthy and nourished we have a better chance at fighting off viruses and illnesses.”

A tool Melissa uses difficult emotions come up is doing the following:

  1. Pause. Notice whatever you’re feeling without judgment or resistance

  2. Take six slow breaths, the breathing will help to keep you from slipping into a fight or flight response

  3. Name what you’re experiencing. For example anger or irritation or overwhelm. If you’re overwhelmed just slightly say ‘I feel overwhelmed I choose to release it’. If you irritated just kindly say ‘I am upset ... I choose to release it’

Stress can be experienced as a wave that crashes you or one that you surf the shores of success. Your response to stress not the stress-inducing event (corona virus) itself determines your feelings and emotions. Chronic worry and anxiety can be replaced and quiet and happiness can be sustained by meditation and mindfulness. Real mastery of stress can come when you first notice the wave building and then you affectively calm yourself in that moment.

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