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The best legs, bums and tums exercises to do at home

Updated: May 19, 2020

James Disney, Qualified Personal Trainer has provided you with the best AT HOME legs, bums and tums exercises. NO EQUIPMENT NEEDED.

All copy is by James Disney.


"When it comes to working out at home three things are vital; a willingness to push yourself, an understanding of how your body works and finally the dedication to keep up with your exercises when there’s nobody around to make you!"

A bit about James:

I’m a personal trainer and have been so for the past 9 years. I have a background in performance swimming and football and also have a degree in sports science and coaching. I have my REPS level 2 fitness instructor qualification and my REPS level 3 personal training qualification. Additionally, I am also qualified in circuits, gym based boxing, nutrition, Olympic weight lifting, spin studio cycling and kettle bells.

I’ve found that during lock down I had a dip where the motivation levels weren’t there, I referred to this as a rest week where I allowed my body to recover from all the previous training I had been doing in the gym.

Since that week I have been much more active, I complete daily workouts designed to hit both cardio and resistance training. I also utilise my daily outing to go for a run or long walk along side maintaining a balanced diet and keeping hydrated. My motivation for doing so is firstly, knowing that I will be going back to work in the gym and would hate to go back in bad shape and secondly it keeps me in a good positive mindset and allows me to take my mind of the current pandemic, a break from reality. It’s a case of head phones in, music on, world off.

"My motivation looks back at me in the mirror every day! Chasing to be the best physical condition possible and not being satisfied until I hit that goal."


For a good Legs, Bums and Tums home workout you need to be looking at compound movements ideally, these are movements which incorporate two or more muscle groups such as a squat because it activates the quads, hamstrings and glutes during the movement. The best way that I’ve found working such muscle groups without heavy weights is to focus on volume, you don’t load the muscle in the same way but you add enough reps to the movement to get the fatigue in the muscle that you’d get through a heavy lift. Follow this up with a shortened range of the movement, for instance if you're going to do squats why not pair it up with partial squats or pulses just to get that extra little burn. (The following image credits to James Disney)

My at home Legs, Bums and Tums class looks like this:



We have quad, hamstring, glute and abdominal focused movements throughout the circuit. Taking 2 minutes rest after each round will do you some good, keep drinking water, little sips at time and don’t skip reps!


Keep the body flat (tightening the core) lower the body from a locked elbow to a 90° flexed elbow, have your hand inline with your chest and press through the chest back up to a locked elbow.


Feet shoulder width apart, lower the body until you hit 90° knee angle (or lower) with the knee cap not going out past the toes to ensure force is kept in the muscles and it’s putting pressure on the knee joint itself. Push back up putting force through the feet to a standing position. Option to put weights under your heels to achieve a deeper squat (use a rolled up towel or whatever you have that can elevate the heel!)


Feet far enough apart that when you drop down into the lunge your front and back knee are both roughly at a 90° angle. Same force and load as the squat.


Start flat on your back - knees up, contract the abs and pull just the shoulder blades off the floor holding it tight through the core. Slowly lower your shoulders back down to the ground keeping your feet off the floor.


Starting with your back and feet on the floor, use your core to pull the upper body up off the floor and finish in a tuck position with your chest close to your knees, control the downward phase back to starting position. Option to use your arms as leverage - touch the floor above your head and when in the sit up position touch your toes.


Drop to the floor in a prone position, belly completely flat to the floor, push up and jump the legs in to form a tuck position, jump up out of the tuck and land standing up on soft knees.


Start in a press up position, bring your left knee to your right shoulder and allow the hip to drop under the body to get the rotation needed, repeat with the opposite limbs.


Start standing, bend at the hip and put your hands on the floor, walk your hands out until in a plank (on hands) position, do a press up and return back to standing.


Start in a press up position and as you drop down through the arm bring your left knee to the outside of your left elbow, send it back and repeat the movement with your right knee.

Feel the burn & thank me later.

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