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Shop small this Christmas with Chill Your Beads

Updated: Nov 19, 2020

A 22-year-old girl from Staffordshire has created her own business which preaches self-worth and positivity to young women, following her own experiences with mental health issues.

Whilst studying Biology at the University of Bristol, Kitty Froggatt found herself struggling from a string of mental health issues including anxiety and depression.

I would hardly leave my room and I spent most of the year at my family home. Key areas I struggled with were self-doubt, insecurity and I pushed away those closest to.”

In 2019, Kitty began her dream to travel the world.

Her plan was always to travel America in 2020, however, like the rest of the world, Covid-19 came between her and her ambitions.

Without having a goal or a structure during lockdown Kitty was determined that this would not reignite her battle with her mental health.

This is when Chill Your Beads was born.

Chill Your Beads is a sustainable jewellery brand which uses recyclable packaging and where possible, supplies sourced from local independent brands.

Prices start at £5 and the most expensive product is £20, therefore a very affordable brand.

Kitty has recently launched a new scheme in a bid to expand her range of up-cycled jewellery.

She asks her customers to donate old, broken or unwanted jewellery Instead of throwing It away. She then re-works these Items Into a new range and names the products after the individual who donated them.

The Individual will get the first pick of one free Item from the new range as a thank you gift (for more information, please message Kitty via Instagram).

“I am aiming to reduce waste and give new lift to pre-loved and vintage pieces.”

As well as ensuring her company is sustainable, Kitty also supports several charities through her sales to raise awareness of causes close to her heart.

During her first three months of business, Kitty raised over £220 which she split between charities, such as, Mind UK, Coppa Feel and many more.

Here is some more information about Kitty’s charitable work and how you can get involved:

“I have a pair of earrings from which £2 from each sale Is donated to Mind UK and these were the first product I created.

In the second month, I raised money for Project Seagrass which Is a small UK based conservation charity, aiming to conserve and restore UK seagrass beds - an Incredibly Important ecosystem.

My range of beaded bracelets are created in support of the Refugee Community Kitchen who cook for displaced people In the UK and Calais. I’ve also partnered up with the Refugee Community Kitchen to be part of their 2020 Christmas shopping guide.

In aid of Breast Cancer Awareness Month, I created a range in support of Coppa Fell and this month I am about the launch a product in aid of Movember.

Further to this, I ask for suggestions at the end of each month to determine where the following months donations will go.”

Chill Your Beads officially launched on 18th July 2020.

At the beginning, Kitty set herself a £60 initial investment limit and planned to run the business for a few weeks to sell to friends, donate some money for charity and then call It quits.

The business has only grown bigger and bigger since her launch.

Lockdown gave Kitty the opportunity to launch her business because many people are now shopping online and looking to support small brands.

Kitty has launched over 60 products so far and continues to expand her range.

It is so important that now, more than ever, we make an effort to support small businesses.

All items sold at Chill Your Beads would make the perfect Christmas present for your friend, family member or partner.

“There are so many talented people, running small craft businesses similar to mine. I know from my experience, the products are generally far better value for money, beautifully made and you really are supporting someone’s dream, rather than just making big companies even bigger.

Lots of small businesses do amazing things for charities and so they are definitely worth supporting.”

Make sure to follow Kitty on Instagram and Facebook and to shop her products please visit her shop on Etsy.

And if you what you have just read doesn’t convince you enough, Chill Your Beads and I have teamed up to bring you an amazing discount code.

If you use EDITBYELIZABETH20 at checkout this gives you 20% off all products (excluding the charity ranges) until the end of December.

Kitty is also offering Christmas gift wrapping and a selection of Christmas offers:

· 10% off when you buy two products

· 15% off when you buy three products

· 20% off when you buy four products

· 25% off when you buy five products

· 30% off when you buy six products

The Edit. By Elizabeth code is only eligible on one product and does not stack on top of the Christmas offers. Etsy will apply whatever code that gives you the best deal! 

Kitty ships internationally which an increased postage charge depending on where It’s going (UK shipping Is free for standard 2nd class).

Shop small this festive season with Chill Your Beads, you will not regret it!

Thank you for reading this article & happy shopping!

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