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Q & A with upcoming singer songwriter Belle Dawson

Updated: Sep 23, 2020

Belle Dawson has released her debut single and follow up track during lockdown. Read more to find out how she pursued her dream of becoming a singer songwriter.

All copy and images by Belle Dawson: Follow her on instagram @belle_dawson

1. How are you progressing your music career during the current lockdown regulations?

Since the start of lockdown I’ve finished a lot of projects and been focussing on my own music because lockdown has given me the time to do so. Even though lockdown as a whole has pushed me back a lot it has also opened new doors for me as an artist that weren’t there before. Social media has been even more popular during lockdown, so when my features were released more people contacted me and I feel as though if lockdown wasn’t a thing some of those people might not have listened to my songs.

2. How do you feel now you have released your debut collaboration track?

Really excited! It has opened up a whole genre of music which before last year I never thought I would be doing. Since I moved to University in Bristol in September I did a lot of networking and meeting people in the dj scene and it helped me to develop as an artist. I feel like I have discovered the genre of music I want to focus on for the foreseeable future.

3. What style of music do you produce?

I write a lot of acoustic soul/Rnb songs that I produce myself. Producers in other styles of music (drum & bass) have approached me to do “top lines’ for them over liquid drum and bass. So now I am focusing on pushing myself as an artist more into the dance music scene.

4. Do you write your own songs?

Yes, everything I sing has been my own. I’m constantly writing lyrics and and putting different things together. Sometimes I find it easier if I listen to an instrumental and then it just comes out on the first take. I have a lot of voice notes on my phone where I’ve just improvised, I find that helps a lot when coming up with ideas for song writing.

5. What music have you released so far? (track names, collaborators etc.)

So my first collaboration was on ‘syndrics’ debut release which is a liquid drum and bass song called ‘what if’ and then more recently during quarantine I did a drum and bass remix with ‘wilzy’ on soundcloud called ‘dream factory remix’. Luckily I have a recording set up so sending my vocals to artists during quarantine has been fun. We have been sharing ideas over zoom calls back and forth.

6. How can people access your music?

On my soundcloud - you can also keep up to date with my music on my Instagram and my page on facebook.

7. Have you always wanted to be a singer and go into the music industry?

Since I was little I have always been in school choirs and musical theatre productions as well as dancing. I didn’t think I would be producing songs in the genre I’m doing right now, I’ve done a lot of different things but now I finally feel like this is what I want to do.

8. How do you intend to pursue your career going forward?

Just carry on producing songs and networking with different people. I’ve got more releases that I have been working on with different producers which are being released later in the year. At the moment I am also starting some really exciting projects.

9. Can we look forward to any solo music being released?

Eventually I would like to release my own songs which I am currently working on. However, at the moment I’m really enjoying working with other artists and I’ve found it has given me more confidence to believe in myself and what I want to achieve.

10. Have you found that lockdown has given you more time to focus on your music career?

Yes definitely, lockdown has given me time to reflect and made me want to push myself. I also know that if lockdown wasn’t a thing I would be getting different opportunities right now that I could’ve been part of over summer/festivals.

11. How have you coped in lockdown?

I have tried to not go on my phone as much as possible and comparing myself to others, I find it really hard sometimes and have suffered with comparing myself to others in the industry. It makes me feel like I’m constantly taking 1 step forward and 2 steps back but I've learnt to use that as a push to be the best I can. It is okay to have down days but it is important to look at others as influences and want to be better instead of ‘competition.’


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