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Now is the time to be fashionably bold

Updated: May 19, 2020

Fashion student and stylist, Leyla Bella shares her fashion secrets on how to stay motivated, confident and stylish during isolation.

All texts and images by Leyla Bella - follow her on Instagram @leylabellos

Model, stylist & fashion student.
Leyla Bellos

If your quarantine currently consists of wearing sweatpants, eating out the fridge, binge Tik Tok watching and pretty much anything but doing your work then this article is for you.

At the start of this quarantine I was adamant to keep to some sort of routine, I was getting up early and exercising then doing my work. However, as each day passed my routine deteriorated and I fell into endless days of peak procrastination.

Lucky for you (and all of us procrastinators out there), I’ve found an easy solution to not only battle procrastination but peak your work motivation and get you back on your grind.

What is this solution you ask?

"The simple art of wearing a good outfit."

Being a fashion student in her 20s, I know the significant impact of what an innocent ‘nice’ outfit can actually do to your mental state. It is a chance to be whoever you want to be and to achieve what you need to be done. CEO of a company? At home Girl Boss? Quirky Indie student?

"If you put effort into day to day outfits you will not only be looking good, you’ll be feeling your best therefore being on your top game."

I’m not suggesting you put on your uncomfortable pre-quarantine work outfit every day; something as simple as wearing your favourite pair of jeans with a spring blouse and classic Stan Smiths will be enough to amplify your motivation and mood.

It’s your chance to wear the outfits you’ve been wanting to wear for years but haven’t, in fear of judgemental eyes or lack of confidence. Now is the time to experiment and push yourself to develop your personal style and become the best confident version of yourself.

“Fashion is the armour to survive the reality of everyday life” - Bill Cunningham.

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