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My top tips on how to start a blog

Edit. By Elizabeth launched two months ago and I have loved every second of creating my own brand. I have therefore put together this post explaining my top tips on starting a blog! I encourage anyone who is thinking about starting a blog to just go for it... it is an amazing way to express yourself and be creative.

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Tip number 1: PLAN

Before starting your blog, I recommend spending quite a bit of time planning what sort of content is going to feature on your blog, who your target audience is going to be and which social media channels you’re going to use to promote your brand.

This means that you have a clear understanding of your brand and you know what content to publish, how to promote your blog etc.

Tip number 2: SOCIAL MEDIA

Social media is key when promoting your blog. I use Twitter and Instagram and also drive traffic using my personal LinkedIn page. Social media helps spread the word about your blog and also allows creativity. I am the most creative on my social media pages because I can decide how I want to market my brand e.g. through instagram stories, collaborative giveaways.

I recommend understanding your target audience before choosing your social media channels. Research social media analytics and decide from there which platforms will best attract your desired market.

Tip number 3: CREATE A unique selling point

Think outside the box when you are creating your brand. In this ever-growing digital age, there are so many blogs out there, people are creating their own brand every day so make yours stand out! For example, I knew my niche angle was going to be providing small businesses and young entrepreneurs in the fashion industry free marketing.

Understand your unique selling point prior to launching your blog and when promoting your blog really focus on that niche angle.


I have always wanted to create a blog, however I kept telling myself I didn’t have the time or “I’ll just do it next month…” and next month turned into next year and so forth. Now I have started my blog I want to urge everyone to do it! It is such an amazing way to start your own brand and have the opportunity to speak with people that you would have never met otherwise.

Tip number 5: networking

If you start a blog where you want other people to write for it as well as yourself, you have to have a certain level of confidence and an ability to reach out to like-minded businesspeople. The worst people can say is ‘no’ and that’s their loss if they don’t want to be a part of your blog. Network with people via social media, LinkedIn and other similar platforms.

Networking boosts your people skills and is a great life skill which you'll use in all walks of life!

Tip number 6: BE PERSISTENT

Speaking from my own experiences and other fellow bloggers experiences, a blog is not often an instant success. It takes time, effort and persistence to get a blog on its feet, however it is 100% worth it in the end. My blog has only been active for two months and I know I still have a long way to go until it is at the level of success that I am aiming for. However, I continue to work hard because I know that I will achieve what I want if I am persistent.

A blog also looks great on your CV which is another incentive to keep going with it!


The local press is a great source of advertisement! This is where your unique selling point comes in (as mentioned above)! Send a pitch to your local newspapers, magazines and radio stations to ask them if they would feature your blog in their next publication or show. You would be surprised at the traffic it brings to your blog. When my local paper covered my story, I had double the viewers I had been getting in an average month and then those viewers tell friends and family and that is how your brand will grow.

If you would like me to write a post about how to write a pitch let me know via the contact me section or message me on social media (instagram) @edit.byelizabeth & (twitter) @editbyelizabeth.


Your blog will succeed if you are passionate about it. It is your project and your brand, therefore give it time, attention and love and you will see results! My advice is to thrive on long-term success, do not give up when you don’t see initial growth.

Be bold and promote your brand wherever you can. Get the word out there! Don’t be afraid of what people are going to say or think… it is down to you to kickstart your career and a blog is a really good way to do so.

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