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Lichfield based shop, Otter & Scott is back in business after months of closure

Updated: Jul 13, 2020

Marina Otter and Deborah Scott started a small craft business just in time for Christmas 3 years ago. This idea then grew into a desire to use their sewing skills to create unique handbags and accessories under the name of Otter and Scott, which is part of UK Homecrafting LTD.

All copy & images by Marina Otter and Deborah Scott

Marina Otter (left) & Deborah Scott (right)

Just three weeks after Marina and Deborah opened Otter & Scotts doors in Lichfield they were forced to close due to the Covid-19 pandemic. However, two weeks ago they re-opened and are back in business! Read more to learn about how Otter & Scott was born, what you can expect to see on it's shelves and where you can find their amazing sustainable items...

1. How would you describe Otter & Scott?

To create something different and unique that was not for sale in our area. We try and use recycled, remnants and sustainable fabrics as vegan friendly cork, denim clothing and upholstery fabrics.

2. What products do you sell? 

One of a kind handbags, purses, and accessories. We also have a bespoke service and we will work with a customer to create something in their own style.

3. Are all the products you sell homemade? 

Yes, for the most part, we also sell imported jewellery made from sustainable cork.

4. Where can we find your shop? 

Hednesford in Staffordshire. Our little shop is at The Plant Plot garden centre: Stafford Road Lichfield WS13 8JA.

Otter & Scott also have a stall at the Artisan Craft Market in Hednesford. The Artisan Craft Market starts on the 25 July (the last Saturday of the month) and finishes 28 November.

5. Where did you get your inspiration from to start otter & scott? 

After talking we realised that we had a passion for crafting and creating, so we decided, so we decided to make this our career.

6. Do you have any plans to expand your business? 

We would like to move to bigger premises and have more international sales online and provide employment for other crafters in the future.

7. Do you have a specific target audience in mind when you created your business? 

No, just anyone who appreciates something different.

8. How has the Covid-19 pandemic/lockdown impacted your sales? 

Three weeks after opening our shop we had to close, and our monthly Hednesford market was cancelled because of the virus. During the lockdown we created new stock for when we would reopen.

Now more than ever is a really important time to support small, local businesses. Check out Otter & Scott on their Facebook page or visit their Lichfield based shop!

You can also contact Marina & Deborah via email - info@ukhomecrafting.com

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