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JEMIMASARA face masks: Q & A

During the Covid-19 pandemic designers around the world are being urged to create face masks. Jemima Hand, founder and owner of JEMIMASARA explains more about the launch of their new face masks. (CLICK LINK TO SHOP)

All copy and images by Jemima Hand

JEMIMASARA face mask

Face masks

The government have announced that they are advising people to wear masks in public places. Following this news are you going to increase your stock of JEMIMASARA face masks?

As my face masks are made by hand and made to order, this depends on if there is a demand for them. As a small business during this time, it's about trying to do your best whilst also realising what is achievable.

Why did you decide to make face masks?

I was inspired by friends, designers and artists who are doing the same thing. People are being advised to wear face coverings while at the shops or on public transport to help limit the spread of coronavirus. Medical face masks are prioritised for key, health and care workers, therefore, it was the decision to offer a step by step tutorial on how to make your own face masks and if you didn't have the resources, to offer an accessible priced but beautiful face masks.

Please can you explain the design of the face masks?

The face masks are made from recycled materials. Sample silk scarf designs and t-shirts. Instead of them going to waste, the decision was to use those samples and turn them into face masks. A way of up-cycling some products you might say.

How much do the face masks cost?

£15. All the facemasks are hand-made and 100% organic cotton and silk twill. JEMIMASARA isn't making any profit from these, they are to show our support during this time and offer beautiful face masks everyone could wear.

Are the face masks suitable for Covid-19? Do they act as protective equipment?

As I state on my website, my face masks are not medical masks and should not be used as such. A mask will not protect you from COVID-19 and should also not be used as personal protective equipment (PPE). It will help prevent you from spreading your own germs or touching your face whilst out and about. If you are unsure about wearing a mask, please follow official government guidance.

What has the reaction been to your new face masks? Have you had positive sales with the product?

Very positive, anything we as designers, artists and makers can do to support the medical supplies during this time is important.

Are the masks gender neutral?

I try to make all my products as gender fluid as possible. These face masks are made for everyone, and have been purchased by a range of individuals.

How long is the expected delivery period?

They are made to order with the help of my amazing mum, so usually 3-7 days.


What is JEMIMASARA and how did the brand come about?

JEMIMASARA is a creative project, recognising and promoting modern-day issues so we can educate and inform, as well as creating effortless, tongue-in-cheek, fun and easy-to-wear pieces to enjoy every day and in any moment.

What is the message behind JEMIMASARA?

When JEMIMASARA launched, I wanted to do something different. I saw an opportunity to combine art, fashion and playful design whilst promoting what I am most passionate about: freedom of expression, sustainability and mental health.

How has your business coped during lock down?

It has been difficult. I had to shut a pop up shop and manage things very differently. It has been scary as you work so hard to build something and the last thing you could imagine is for a global pandemic to hit. Luckily my business is mostly online and I have had a huge amount of support from my community during this time. I am fortunate to have a great support network which has helped me keep my business going.

Finally, how are YOU coping in lockdown & how have you maintained a positive mindset through this period?

Like most, it has been hard to maintain a positive mindset. I think it is important to remember that we aren't just in lockdown or working from home, we are in these circumstances because of a global pandemic. I sadly lost my grandad due to the virus and I know many others are going through a lot of grief at the moment. Whether it be family, friends, jobs or passions. It is important to remember that our mental health during this time can be messy and that is ok.

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