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Healthy skin is in!

Updated: May 21, 2020

Advanced Skin Care Specialist, Chloe Parry explains her four principles on how to get the #CLOGLOW - healthy and glowing skin for all ages and skin types.

All copy and images by @chloepsalon28 - follow her on instagram for more advice on how to achieve healthy skin.

Advanced skincare specialist.
Chloe Parry

My name is Chloe and I am the Skin Specialist at Salon 28 on Market Street in Lichfield (instagram - @salon28lichfield).  

I have over 10 years experience in treating skin, working with numerous brands and winning multiple awards...... there’s not a lot I don’t know when it comes to treating your skin! My approach is to work primarily on your skin concerns such as acne, pigmentation, eczema, rosacea, anti ageing but also work on your Glow.... something I like to  call the “Cloglow.”

“Cloglow” comes from many of my friends, family, colleagues always commenting saying “your skin is always looking healthy and glowing” or “you’ve just got that glow to your skin.” 

"Both women and men want to feel comfortable and confident in their skin, and when they do they have the ability to be the most confident versions of themselves (and from being an acne sufferer previously I know this)."

So my approach with the skin is tackling it from all angles. Not one product or ingredient is going to completely transform your skin for a lifetime.  To create that glow, we need to look all contributing factors. It’s like when you're trying to loose weight and you go to the gym everyday for 2 hours and then come back and eat a takeaway for dinner... that isn’t going to give you the results that you desire.

I believe in 4 principles to getting healthy skin for a lifetime, these are:

1. Nutrition from the inside 

2. Infusion of active vitamins, antioxidants and peptides.

3. Makeup

4. Wellbeing. 


Recommended by Chloe Parry.
Advance Nutrition Programme

Nutrition is the most fundamental stage of building healthy skin because your skin is a true reflection of what you put inside your body. With every consultation I look into your weekly diet. Certain diets can aggravate skin concerns i.e. diets high in dairy. This can be a leading part in triggering acne skin.

Alongside nutrition I also look into your gut health, also known as the second brain to your body. Your gut is just truly amazing in its role for your skin. It is responsible for around 70% of your bodies immunity. It is also a vital part of treating aggravated skin concerns that need protection and strengthening in immunity, such as acne, psoriasis and eczema. It is also key for aiding absorptions of vitamins and minerals you are getting through your diet. This again is a huge factor into ensuring we have optimum levels of vitamins reaching our skin cells.

Lastly, a stressed or inflamed gut can not just lead us to weakened immunity and contribute to diseases making us feel uncomfortable but it can also be a leading part to why you have skin concerns.

Upon each consultation I will advise the best skincare nutrition to take. At Salon28 we stock a range of skincare vitamins from the Advanced Nutrition programme. They are skin specific supplements to treat the skin from within and target specific concerns. One of our best sellers is Skin accumax, a vitamin supplement to target and control Acne skin.  

Infusion of active ingredients

Recommended by Chloe Parry.
Vitamin infusion

I work with an advanced skincare range in the skin clinic called Environ. This is medical graded skincare that is prescribed by consultation only. 

This skincare, in my eyes, is completely life changing. It works with key ingredients that your skin understands, recognises and absorbs into the skin to the lower layers.

Without compromising the skins health at any time Environ's unique moisturiser step up system uses high strength Vitamin A, C, E and powerful antioxidants every day to repair and physically change your skin cell DNA. This means that we can reverse signs of ageing, pigmentation and combat those stubborn skin concerns.  

"Your skincare routine is like baking a cake, yes sugar is so sweet and delicious but it works so much better with other ingredients to make the perfect cake!"

Upon your consultation, I will advise you what your skin needs as well as your active daily  moisturiser. Everyone’s skin is very different and I will advise you on key ingredients to add  such as powerful anti ageing peptides, AHA’s & BHA’s & Hyaluronic acid.

Lastly, I will create your customised in clinic facial plan, using dermal infusing machines, peels and medical light therapy (Dermalux) to ensure we are infusing the skin with active ingredients that lights down to the dermis layer.... the layer of your skin which you can’t treat from home!  


Chloe Parry doing one of her clients makeup

We all love makeup, it’s something that makes us feel confident and glamorous and is a way of expressing ourselves. But makeup only looks as good as the skin you have underneath. 

Unfortunately, the nasty chemicals and nano particles found in cosmetic makeup can lead to having blocked pores, breakouts and dehydration in the skin. 

Why undo all that lovely hard work of your facials and daily skincare routine if you’re going to attack it daily with nasty ingredients?

This is why at Salon28 we stock Jane Iredale skincare makeup. A range of makeup that is healthy for your skin. It is a non-comedogenic formula that doesn’t block or clog the skin, it enhances our daily skin and helps treat it with active vitamins and minerals. It was actually formulated to use post surgery for its healing aspects.

Jane Iredale has received multiple awards for being Cruelty free, Vegan friendly and environmentally friendly. It is also supported by the Skin Cancer Awareness Foundation for its active sun protection properties. 


Advanced skincare specialist.
Chloe Parry
"If you are stressed, not sleeping, and generally not looking after YOU of course this is going to have a major impact on your skin!" 

Stress is a huge contributor to the ageing process or our skin. When we are stressed we release a hormone called cortisol, a stress hormone that can trigger acne, dryness and rapidly age our skin! Stress can also irritate our Gut... and you now know the virtual roles the Gut plays in our all over glow.

Sleep is also the time for our skin to repair itself. It is the time when all of our organs relax and our largest organ.... THE SKIN gets the chance to have all the vitamins and minerals from your diet. This is why your beauty sleep is so important!

I advise my clients to do something they find stress relieving every day for a minimum of 10 minutes. Perhaps practice yoga, try meditating, go for a walk, read a book etc. 10 minutes a day to help you fight stress will rapidly slow down the ageing process and stop that angry hormone coming up to the skin. In the facial room I adapt playlists to relaxation music, guided meditation or a certain playlist that makes my clients feel relaxed. 

My approach to the skin is looking at every factor to build you healthy skin for a lifetime. 

Lichfield, England.
Salon 28

Consultations  are around 45 minutes and I charge £20.00. Whilst we are still on Lockdown virtual consultations are available through Zoom, and products are delivered straight to your door.

In clinic facials start from 30 mins and range to 90 minutes starting from £45.00

For enquires please email chloepsalon28@gmail.com.


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