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Get your makeup must haves for summer 2020

Ellis Bates is a Midlands based make up artist. Ellis has qualifications in L2 Beauty Therapy, L3 hair and media make up and classic eyelash extensions. She runs her own business called Lashes By Ells; for enquiries about all things lashes message her on instagram @lashesbyells_x & for any other questions message her personal account @ellisjadexo.

Now that lockdown restrictions are being lifted we might want to think about shaking the dust off our make up bags and remind ourselves how to apply foundation!

Ellis has put together a must read post all about her favourite products that she uses during her daily makeup routine.

All copy by Ellis Bates.


To prime my face before applying any make-up I use the Nivea ‘refreshingly soft moisturising cream’ as I find this works well for my skin and as a base for my make-up. This product hydrates my skin and creates a barrier between my skin and the make-up which makes it easier to apply and remove.


Recently I have really toned down my eyebrow routine, I used to draw them on but since lockdown I have been using hair removal cream to shape my eyebrows myself. I have also tinted them myself as I am a qualified beauty therapist which is so helpful in the current situation! When I shape and tint them I them use a clear eyebrow gel to comb them upwards and make them stay in place giving them a lovely fluffy and fuller look. I prefer doing my eyebrows this way because it is so low maintenance and still looks good! I have been using the Anastasia Beverly Hills clear brow gel which was in a gift set but there are many more affordable products which are just as good!

Concealer and contour

Once I have done my eyebrows, I carve them out with a MAC concealer brush and the e.l.f concealer. I apply the concealer just underneath the eyebrow and on the eyelid when blending it out , this makes them look more defined and neater. I carve out the top of the brow with my foundation so that it blends nicely and to make sure I don’t have a white line around my eyebrow. I have found so many make-up accounts on TikTok where I have learnt lots of tips such as putting my concealer and cream contour on before my foundation and then touching it up afterwards.


I have a few different foundations such as Urban Decay, Revolution, YSL and my foundation which I got in my college kit when I studied hair and media makeup which is called Pierre Rene. On a daily basis I use my YSL all hour’s foundation mixed with the Pierre Rene one as it’s a little bit darker and creates the perfect shade. I mix them and use a foundation brush to apply the product to my face and then I used a damp beauty blender to blend it evenly. After I have applied my foundation and I am happy with it I touch up my concealer and apply crème contour and crème blusher which I blend with a brush.


To set my face I use the Pierre Rene loose powder for under my eyes and from the corner of my mouth to my ear. This creates the definition of the cheek bones and really compliments the contour. I also put a bit of loose powder on my ‘laughing lines’ just so they don’t have so much of a visible crease. For the rest of my face I use the Rimmel pressed translucent powder just to set the rest of my make up in areas such as my t-zone. Whilst the loose powder is ‘baking’ (setting on my face) I do my bronzer very lightly just to add a bit more definition to the cheek bones. I put a powdered blusher on as well to make it a bit more visible after applying powder and bronzer.


For my eyelashes I buy a set of 5 from Aliexpress as they are very cheap and good value for money because they last me quite a while. I hold them up to my eye and trim them from the outside where they are a bit too long, I then apply the Eyelure glue. Wait a couple of minutes for it to go tacky as this will make it easier to apply, if you don’t allow time for the glue to go tacky then the eyelashes with just slide across the eyelid and you will struggle to get it to stick.

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