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Everything you need to know about the current fashion trends

Amelia Johnson, aspiring stylist gives you the run down of everything you need to know about the current fashion trends (SS20).

All copy and images provided by Amelia Johnson

As an aspiring stylist I am keen on keeping up with current trends, as well as tweaking them to fit with my own unique style. So, I decided to explore current trends and key items that everyone is wearing at the moment and give my opinions and thoughts on them...

To start, the most popular print going at the moment is TYE DYE! This has been circulating everywhere from runways to Instagram. People have even had a go at making their own on Tik Tok! I actually first worked with tye dye in an inspired shoot last April, 2019 as a fashion forecast/trend prediction shoot. My group called it “Surfs Up’’ and it was published in PHOENIX magazine. Following on, over a year later the trend is in full swing featuring on items such as t-shirts, skirts and even socks!

Photos from my tye dye shoot

I have to admit I wasn’t the biggest fan of the tye dye pieces when I worked on the shoot, I wasn’t sure on the colour palettes of the pieces we chose to use. But as the trend came to life the colours being used were more pastels rather than brighter colours and I began to like it a bit more. I am still yet to own my first tye dye piece, BUT I have a feeling that this trend will die down very soon!

The second trend is a particular piece which has sprung up the last month or so... TENNIS SKIRTS! I have seen tennis skirts being upcycled before; you know using your old tennis skirt type of thing. But so far this summer people seem to be actually purchasing them online to style and wear all sorts of ways. I’ve got to say I am guilty of this as I have recently bought myself a white tennis skirt which I am sure I will get lots of wear out of this summer!

As far as the tennis skirt trend goes the most seen colours are black and white, I haven’t seen any other colours being worn yet. I think I prefer the classic white because with it being a summery item white is a lot lighter. I don’t often wear black so much in the summer season. The skirt I ordered is a kids one from NIKE. Most brands haven’t actually started creating these yet so they’re mostly vintage finds, or from a sport shops!

Here are some photos of how I have styled my tennis skirt so far. I have to admit that I am now tempted to order the black one too!

Outfit 1 (right) – Here I styled the tennis skirt up slightly with an elegant one shoulder top and chunky gold necklace. I liked this look and I would wear this casually with white trainers or even my black Dr. Martens.

Outfit 2 (left) – I LOVED how I styled the skirt here, even though you can barely see it! I styled a big baggy t-shirt over the skirt so you could just see the pleats slightly. Additionally I had this big white shoulder bag as I was going for a social distanced picnic! To add some colour, I wore my neon yellow trainers which were the perfect statement piece. I loved this outfit because it looked so effortless yet put together.

The last ‘theme’ I’ve noticed is EFFORTLESS FASHION (...this is definitely not an actual term - it is how I’ve labelled the very relaxed type of looks circling Instagram at the moment). I think it is partially because of lockdown and no one has had a reason to be putting effort into outfits, but I’m really enjoying the vibe that these relaxed looks give off.

People have been wearing these kinds of looks for a while now and look so naturally effortless and cool. Two influencers in particular which I follow and admire are @josefinehj and @endlesslyloveclub. They always look so cool and effortless in every outfit they wear! Whether they’re in jeans, joggers or ballgowns. I aim to be so relaxed in the way I view fashion like them.

This ‘effortless vibe’ is something I’m working on myself and easy ways to do it are to style up joggers. This is a very popular trend in itself. Styling joggers in a more fashionable way rather than simply throwing them on is really on trend. You can do this by wearing them with nice little tops and a handbag rather than just hoodies.

I think a key focus which creates an effortless and relaxed fit is clothes being slightly oversized such as band t-shirts, baggy jeans and floaty dresses. Here are some photos of ‘effortless fashion’ that I like to use for reference.

Collage using a selection of Amelia's favourite fashion inspirations.

"I hope you enjoyed my article, I had so much fun writing it! If anyone needs a stylist or any tips and trick's please message me on Instagram. I love getting involved in anything fashion."

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