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Business is booming for young entrepreneur: Florals By Amy

Amy Myhill, 23 has utilised her time in lockdown to create her own business, Florals By Amy. She sells beautiful bespoke floral paintings. Read more to find out how Amy found the process of starting her own business and how you can get your hands on one of her paintings.

All copy & images by Amy Myhill (instagram: @floralsbyamy)

Amy has also released a Black Minds Matter print of which 50% of profits made go to the Black Minds Matter charity. SEE LINK FOR MORE INFORMATION!


Please can you tell me a bit about yourself and why you decided to start Florals by Amy?

My name is Amy, I am 23 years old and I currently live and work in Hertfordshire. I’ve just finished my final year at University of Leeds where I studied a Fine Art with History of Art BA degree.

After finishing my degree, the loss of creating art during this bizarre period really impacted me. I received beautiful flowers from my family and friends to congratulate me and out of nowhere I had the urge to pick up a paint brush again and capture these florals in all their glory! I found that being creative kept my mind off what was going on in the world during Covid-19, and decided to start my own painting and art print business called Florals by Amy!

How would you describe Florals by Amy?

Florals by Amy is about appreciating and embracing the beauty in nature. I’m inspired by the bright, vibrant colours in summer flowers and plants, something I’m sure many have come to admire during lockdown. I want my artwork to immediately lift a viewer’s mood and brighten their day.

What products do you sell?

I sell original paintings made by myself and have just began creating digital prints of my work which you can find on my Etsy shop!

How can people buy your prints?

I’ve had over 50 orders of paintings and prints and I only started my business at the beginning of June! I’m really grateful for all the support I have had so far.

How much do your paintings cost?

The cost of each painting is dependent on size, but my price range starts from £10 – it is important to me that my artwork is affordable for everyone.

Where did you get your inspiration from to start Florals by Amy?

Being creative has been many people’s go-to when dealing with this global pandemic, and I’ve found it very inspiring seeing how my friends and family have kept themselves busy. My art practice has been a big part of my life over the last 7 years; from A Levels, to my Foundation Diploma, to my BA degree. I would be lost without art!

Each time I receive a request for a painting I feel so flattered that someone wants something that I’ve made. It’s so exciting seeing photos of my work hung up in someone else’s home.

Can customers customise/send in requests?

Absolutely! My business mainly revolves around custom and personalised orders. I love that each piece I make for each person is their personal choice of composition, which I can then add my own touch to!

Did you use any skills that you learnt from University to create your own business?

As a fine art student, I was responsible for exhibiting my artwork on various occasions which has definitely given me the confidence to continue doing so. I also completed an Industrial Placement Year where I worked with various artists and two galleries which really opened my eyes to the commercial gallery world.

Do you have any plans to expand your business?

I’m looking into local exhibition spaces at the moment and continuing to build my portfolio of work. My main focus right now is working my way through my all my current beautiful commission requests.

Do you think if the Covid 19 pandemic/lockdown hadn’t happened would you have created Florals by Amy?

I actually don’t think I would have found the time to! In some ways I am grateful for this lockdown period as it has forced me to stop. I have found myself with so much time on my hands – enough time to start a business.

How has the Covid-19 pandemic/lockdown impacted your sales?

As Florals by Amy is a brand-new business I’m not entirely sure. However, many people have found themselves spending more time on social media and completing their never-ending list of jobs around their homes like re-decorating, which makes me wonder if this has increased my sales.


AS MENTIONED AT THE BEGINNING OF THIS POST Amy has made a print for Black Minds Matter UK and will be donating 50% of profits made from the sale of this artwork to the charity. This organisation aims to provide supportive therapy sessions with professional, black practitioners for black individuals who are struggling at this time. Each purchase made will be greatly appreciated.


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