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Becoming a business boss in lockdown

Maja Laws, 21 is one of the many young entrepreneurs who have used this time in lockdown to kick start their career. Maja explains the process of how she created her own business, Dream Resin By Maja where she designs and sells beautiful handmade resin homewares.

All copy and images by Maja Laws

My name is Maja and I recently started a small business (@dreamresinbymaja) from home, during the Covid-19 pandemic.

I never thought about doing anything like this before but after finishing university, moving back to my hometown of Ipswich and going through a really bad breakup, I felt that there was a huge, growing gap in my life that I needed to fill.

There was SO much pressure on social media to be ‘productive’ during lockdown. To start with I saw ‘productivity’ as completing tasks that would better my career or make me more employable. However, after some thinking I realised that productivity could really be whatever I wanted. From self-care activities to discovering something new to fill my time with, away from education and my pre-lockdown life.

I remember seeing some pictures and videos on social media of artists making beautiful artwork and homewares using resin so I began doing lots of research (which mostly consisted of scrolling through Instagram and watching hours of YouTube videos) and eventually started making my own pieces.

I was so nervous at first to start posting pictures of the things I’d made but the feedback I had gotten from my friends and followers made me feel so positive and confident. Eventually, people started suggesting that I should sell the items I’d made, it was amazing to me that people were even interested enough to tell me they liked them, let alone pay money for them.

With this new-found confidence, I decided to set up a shop on Etsy and start a separate Instagram page to showcase my wares.. If I’m honest, I hadn’t expected to sell anything for a while, but on the day I launched my Etsy shop and Instagram page, I’d sold three of the four items I’d put up for sale! I am still so elated by this and it has motivated me even more to keep creating new stock and get better at doing what I love.

At the moment, I am still finding my feet and enjoying making new items to sell. It honestly seems strange to even call it a business because it just feels like fun to me. However, I am so excited by the thought of potentially travelling around to craft fairs and markets one day to sell my handmade homewares.

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